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Friday, August 23, 2013

Seize the NOW!

Deep within my soul, when all excitement around me has ceased, when I am all to myself, I feel a stillness, a calm and a peace that is hard to explain. Our souls are what makes us beings. Deep within the unfathomable chasms of our unknown is a source of energy that resides and burns without any oil, any fuel and keeps us going is where the Supreme Being resides. The search for God is within - not outside us. When we 'die' - we don't go to any Heaven or Hell in the Sky. Heaven and Hell are within ourselves. Every day is Hell or Heaven and it's up to us to decide what the day tomorrow will be for us.

The most important moment for us is NOW! That is what the Bauls have taught me and I stay true on an eternal journey, a journey I do not know when it started - a journey I do not know when it will end. There is no such thing as an 'absolute truth'. The only truth is NOW. Live for the NOW and BE who you want to be. jOI gURU _/\_

Mac Haque

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