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Monday, April 23, 2012

Facebook Discussions on bUDDHISM

Abdel Mannan none could get the gateway of salvation without depend upon a wise guru who is living Buddha - April 4 

Mac Haque The gateway doesn't necessarily have to be a human and bUDDHA was no gOD nor claimed that he was living or dead /\- April 5 

Abdel Mannan without gateway how to entry inside the mystry? Gautom has changed 3 guru to be a Buddha or Shiddharta.- April 12

Mac Haque The decline of bUDDHISM in Bengal started after they moved away from the teachings of bUDDHA ....he was made a deity - a 'gOD' - that he never wished for. True he changed 3 gURU which only reinforces the idea that no gURU as such is required if the gURU lives within us....- April 22

Abdel Mannan Truly, Buddha never introduced Buddhism. His some disciples done it. Now a days they are divided in 38 sects. If there are no necessity of Guru why do you called Him Buddha instead of Goutom? Is The Buddha a historical person or the Stage of higher mind? Lalon Shah said~Chirodin iccha monay/ ail dingaya ghash khaba/ Mon sohojay ki soi hoba? - April 23

Mac Haque I call him the bUDDHA because he is the figurative representation of a historical icon and importantly because he didn't want to be known either as Gautama or Siddhartha. bUDDHA never claimed to have 'attained' anything - not even nIRVANA. All he said was -'IT has left me'. When something leaves you, you cannot say you have attained - you may feel only 'elevated' because you have less of a burden to carry. He was opposed to be even considered a 'higher mind' or 'higher human' - also he did not want to be trusted or believed. There was no rigidity in bUDDHISM. Each human experience with spirituality was/is personal/private and simply cannot be explained in words or deeds.. What he did infer was anyone can be a bUDDHA with practice and diligence. He was totally opposed to gURUism in the precept we use/practice it. Since in sAKYAMUNU bUDDHISM the concept of gOD as we know it never existed - the context of gURU being a gOD-Man is also absent. gURU for all practical purpose is an object of belief - a higher power that we can attain and achieve. The limitation being no one can ever be the 'all in all' - the 'complete being' - hence the practice and praxis of how we consider 'humans' we call gURU, Murshid, Pir, Wali, Kutub etc is also non-existent in bUDDHISM.  jOI gURU /\- April 23

Abdel Mannan Who attained BODHI he is called Buddha. To me a real Buddha never could be limited in time and space. - April 23

Mac Haque True...nothing can be limited in time and space. Life itself translates to time - thus we call it a 'lifetime'. A 24/7/365 dimension that exist only in our limited imagination. - April 23

Abdel Mannan worldly people are attached with time frame, space. But Guru as Buddha is always detached from these. - April 23

Mac Haque Very unlikely - they were conscious about the real world and their spiritual journey was personal. We may only imagine it - and even if we try - there is no guarantee that we will gather the very same experience.-April 23

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