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Friday, April 06, 2007

12. The Baul Trinity: Where Wind is a foregone conclusion

Jolay stholay ognikunday / Moron nai Tar kono Kalay
In Water, earth or Fire, Death never touches him

In the songs called Gurur Bhab (the Guru’s aura) which was composed by an anonymous Baul and some researchers attest is about five hundred years old, the first two couplets stirringly reinforces that unlike other monotheistic beliefs where Earth, Wind and Fire is considered the trinity of life and conception, the Bauls trinity stands at odd, in his belief that it is Water, Earth and Fire and NOT Wind – which he conjoins with all three elements. ‘Affected by the Wind’ the Baul is partial to the first ‘breathe’ and the first ‘gust of Wind’ is reinforced not only by a spiritual but scientific deduction i.e. if FIRE is considered the destroyer, it also needs the WIND to survive or to destroy? The omnipotence of Hawa or Eve as we have argued in previous chapters is far more superior to that of Adam, for without wind, Fire as such would not have cooled and Earth and Life could not have evolved.

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