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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Exchange with Pradipta

Pradipta Bhattacharya (Tampa Bay, FL) replied to your post
I think Macbhai it was good of me not wasting efforts after that initial burst - u made my day. From here please take it off to the Socio-cultural aspect of Bauliana.. would really like to read your views and interpretations.

My Dear Pradipta,

Many thanks ...and no yours wasn't an outburst but a genuine curiosity about the bAULs which I welcome and is probably my duty as a 'boidutik bAUL' to try and explain and pass on the message within my limitations and time.

If there is anything called 'faith' or 'belief' - then I guess for me, this is it - and really no one has to agree with me - or even agree to disagree. If only there is at all any genuine appreciation for what I am doing here - everybody will only be helping me achieve my mission in life.

That in itself is a blessing cause I see gOD in each and every word everybody writes. gOD doesn't dwell in any terrestrial air conditioned comfort UP some trillion kilometers away in that vague place called hEAVEN. He is right here with us all of us and we are only but infinitesimally nanometers away from each other - forever binding - forever growing - forever.......the evolution of mAN can never be complete without the mind evolving - the broader our horizon - the higher our capacity.

That said - I am halfway done with my research and study on the most crucial part of bAULIANA - Lalon's 'origins' and orientations to faith and spirituality and the contentious chapter - Lalon and Rabindrath.... I will start with the latter first - as you got me going Bro :)

Keep the spirit and flame alive....

jOI gURU /\


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