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Friday, April 06, 2007

7. ‘True work’, Energy and ‘Burning without Fuel”

Bini telay jalai baati / Dekhtay jemon mukto moti
Burning a lamp without oil, it looks like a pearl

Jolonmoi tar choturbidhi / Modhyae taa na*
Burning in circular abandon, yet not in the center

*The word ‘thana’ is also used in some rendition of this song, meaning a caged ‘lock-up’

The Baul query as to the placement of the Soul in the Makers scheme of things is addressed in the above couplet.

No fire is as such possible without a fuel source to burn. In other words, a fire will only burn as long as there is fuel: wood, coal, petroleum, and gas - whatever. ‘Millennium Man’ will kill his fellow Man, reduce him to a pauper, and enslave him, if ever the source of his expendable energy is threatened. Millennium bestialities we call wars, seeks to remind us that anything and everything might have changed in 'modern' man, not his antiquated and barbarian pursuit of war, for that one singular obsession, ENERGY and his fear of a life without it. All of this, despite the fact that Mother Earth has more 'untapped' energy resources in her womb, than we have discovered or consume every single second. Herein lies the perplexing gamut in the energy we extract for our use, and expend for our survival, in contrast to the 'unseen' energy source in the human Soul. Whatever science may have discovered, it has failed thus far to locate the epicenter of this huge reservoir, or break down the chemical composition of the 'force' in all of us, that keeps us going for our times on Mother Earth - in our Soul the keeper of our consciousness, if we care to recognize that we have one.

Understanding that Man is incapable of launching an 'exploratory mission' into the depth of his Soul, the Baul predicted the species impending doom in our disrespect for energy readily available, and that happened hundreds perhaps thousands of years ago. The 'fire' in all of us he explained is a fire that we are left with no choice, but admit as un-superstitiously as possible, is one that defies man's extremely limited imagination to fathom. An un-tradable commodity ENERGY therefore is the property of no country, no nation, no color, creed or religion, but that of all Humanity - and just like, air, water and food is deemed - FREE. We are after all, only a part of what the Baul refers as 'lamps without oil' that started the first fire. In the quest for truth the Baul says: “there is no such thing as true word, or a true path or even the truth. There is only one TRUTH and that is in TRUE work.”

What then is TRUE work?

The Maker and his creation where Man is only but one of trillion (?) life forms is best served in work which is TRUE. Ostensibly True work is to seek The Maker as in one, because nature is as one, because the Earth is as one, because each one of us, are ONE - from the ONE and same energy source. We have unfortunately decided to break our oneness in our contradictions based on individual schools of existence that leaves us deviated, confused, and splintered ever further, resulting in our consistent and immoral fragmentation. Why? Because we allow our 'beliefs' to be based on 'proof' and 'truth' –thus what we do not see is what we necessarily do not believe. Devoid from our thinking are many 'truths' over periods of time, which no longer remain the truth, for newer truths are inevitably 'discovered'. Fair enough - but let us not delude ourselves that in all the contradictions we have, it is in the endless contradiction between ‘existence and non-existence’ wherein the ultimate PROOF of all EXISTENCE lie. Would we really argue about things that do not exist (?) is a Baul question meant to humiliate us, to see us through our idiosyncrasies.

Far from the TRUTH we all seek to rush into with a forlorn sense of obliquity, assessing the worth of truth comes in labour that has primordial overtones of being of service, assistance and its usefulness to Man, without conditions of deceit attached. In deception to fellow man, we only deceive ourselves and nature. While we expect truth to be 'as pristine and predictable' as the waking morning, we forget that, that for us is Nature in its full bloom of TRUTH and one we can only behold, while we remain in our 'trial and error' retinue in the denial of nature. In as much as we try to make the best out of the Makers bounties, nature is intrinsically ever forgiving to the mistakes we make. A comforting thought nonetheless.

Let us have no reasons to doubt that for the Baul, TRUE work is not to be construed as 'error free' work for that is impossible. He recognizes half in jest, two types in the human species that do not make errors. The first is those that do not work, and the other is one whose WORK it is to detect errors. More often it is people of the later category that make the most unnecessary noise.

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