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Friday, April 06, 2007

14. Baul meditation: From thinking nothing, to thinking something

Although a state of nothingness or ‘think nothing’ is associated in most meditative practices worldwide, it takes only but a few rude seconds for the mind to deviate and move and lead it askew to worldly matters. The associated problem: to have a blank mind is as useless as having a blank hard disk in a computer, and it is best that we load ‘programs’ into our minds with thought process ‘software’s’ that leads to justifiable ‘search’, with the end result, that it will lead us on to working under circumstances in an environment where we do not have ‘virus’ or ‘worms’ either hanging or deleting files in our brains i.e. the mind’s CPU – or are we to be proven wrong yet again?

So what is it that we can think to get us to a state of ‘no thinking’ thinking?

Jyamon Maye Jaanay Cheler Ador/ Oray Mon Ojana baloker kaalay
Only a Mother knows how much she adored you son/ O Spirit of Your unknown infancy

Shei Roop Guru Jaanay Shishwer ador/Monay Monay mishalyeelay
The Maker knows the love of his seekers/ if you seek him in Your own Spirit

As we had said earlier, what is unknown to us and not to our physical creator our Mother, the Eve, is the love and care that went behind our upbringing. Life to re-amplify is a blessed moment of procreation that we simply cannot roll back. The Spirit that reigns within us during infancy and exactly when do we come to a realization as living, breathing, eating, walking beings capable of having our own strains of thinking and prejudices is unknown. It is the Bauls belief to seek and return to that perfectly blissful state of ‘nothingness’, when our manifest physical self as we come to understand it after ‘understanding’ has grasped us, and sometime numbs us into semi consciousness, and often takes an unfair toll, is one that ideally should be blocked and assigned the back seat. It is only in delving deep into actions of the highly disadvantaged Spirit that came with us and the actions of our Mothers, who cared for us and reared us to what we are today, may lead us to some ‘clues’ to our Maker if not ‘answers’. The importance the Baul attaches to procreation is underscored. The Maker’s love for Mankind likewise can only be understood in seeking him within the Spirit.

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