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Friday, April 06, 2007

8. Understanding the Light in our 'Life'

Each of us produces 'light' that we understand entirely personally. A Light we know that can neither be ignited nor whiffed away, yet whenever we procrastinate with a deep sense of humility, we discover that its is a humbling and inescapable circularity of the ways things have been planned for all of us, a plan we have neither the ability to preview, pre-empt, preclude, predict, edit or even delete. We however know for certainty that the most important moment for all of us is NOW.

What then is the composition of the Soul?

If Energy is in the pear-like flame of a candle or an open lamp, the epicenter i.e., from where the fire emanates is a pale blue yonder. The Baul says it is here, in the center of it all, within the fire, where there is 'no fire' to the naked eyes, is where the 'Soul' of the fire exists. He relates this to Man in that the Soul is energy within each man which burns and creates the fire that keeps him going, is also the energy that has to be nurtured to reach salvation, to dissolve with the ways of the Maker, to attain Nirvana. Nirvana conceptually is not about ‘attaining’ anything as such – but ‘shedding’ residues of complex ‘fossil fuels’ which over the years have kept our ‘cravings’ rather than our souls alive, akin to occasional cleansing of a car carburetor!

The ‘Breathe of God’ that caused a portion of the Sun to split and move beyond its axis, solidify and then form a mass we call the EARTH, where 'life' first evolved, has everything fashioned for one paramount eventuality, extermination. Since all we know is fire burns with Energy, what we do not know or cannot accurately predict, is when exactly will the 'gas tank' in all of us runs dry? Complicating all that we wish to predict, we have no 'fuel tank meter' either - do we?

In his thinking realm Man can theoretically 'Move Mountains' or at least has invented devices like nuclear bombs to make the Himalayas disappear at colossal peril to his species. He has traveled to Moon, Mars is next on his 'invisible road map' - but never ever do we hear about any undertaking to explore the SUN or 'land' on it. The Baul on the other hand reminds us that we need not go 'exploring' anywhere beyond our own bodies to appreciate that Energy in Man remains untapped, unexplored, undiscovered' and thus 'un-landed'.

Let us hope that the next time we switch on an electrical bulb, or sport a mean pair of shades to protect the Sun's ultra violet ray off our eyes, that we do not get too 'philosophical'!

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