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Friday, April 06, 2007

17. Murshid: From Territorial Extelligence to Temporal Trepidation’s

The word Murshid in Arabic means a guide. Bauls from the Sufi order used the term in great reverence to his other ‘religionist’ and in its reference or application is no different in concept or usage the term Guru i.e. Maker. Bauls predicted that Man would vulgarize the Maker by sticking strictly to terms espoused by ‘religions’ which causes its usual biases and leaves one disillusioned, and entrapped within limited spheres and parameters of understanding or appreciation of the Supreme Being. Lets us therefore examine the concept of the Murshid in the song ‘Becha Kena’ (Buying and Selling) which was composed by an anonymous Baul.

Keho Koray becha kena / kehoi kanday
Some buy and sell, while some sit and cry

Rastai poray dhorbi jodi taray / cholo Murshid er bajaaray
If you seek to catch up with him in his path /
go look for him in the ‘market’ of the Murshid

In the above couplet the thrust of the composition is aimed at those Souls who we referred earlier, have a ‘cursed sense of simplicity’. The paradox of ‘trade’ where some perform and others perish, where the simpleton is left to only bask in tears is succinctly addressed.

Simplicity is a human trait that does not always exemplify being humble. An excess of it is often considered Stupidity, and it is drawing the fine line between what it means to be humble as opposed to being arrogant or obdurate; i.e. the balance of the omniscient ‘center’ that we addressed in the previous chapter is one not defined by any ‘territorial’ consideration but freely available as open source references, in the reservoir of our Spirit, is one that needs reawakening. No book of knowledge as such has a ‘number’ value attached. It is only when we decide to give it an aura of ‘holiness’ to TRADE on knowledge, without going through its contents or trying to understand or share with others - is when we curse ourselves. The second line however extols the virtues of a spiritual quest and to understand and use ‘Market dynamics ’ for finding the Murshid ‘in the market’ is in the spirit of sarcasm, as those who seek the Maker, also in some roundabout ways expect most unfairly, some form of ‘material gains’ for their search.

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