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Friday, April 06, 2007

13. Of Bhob and Bhab: The aura of Enlightenment and power of Silence

Gurur Bhab dhoray jay Boshay achhi/ Choron Dhoray
Catching the aura of the Maker, I sit holding his feet

Gurur Naam niya jay boshay aachi / Nirob hoye
With the name of the Maker in my lips, I sit in sealed silence

The Bengalee word Bhob is a colloquially shortened version of the word Bhubon or the Universe, whereas Bhab implies an aura of achievable enlightenment, an attitude of perfunctory ease and calm associated in approaching the Spirit and Soul of Man i.e. interalia the Maker. The above couplet therefore relates to the calm and serenity of those in meditation, in prayer, in contemplation of the self without the self (as in selfish), in Silence, the most humbling of all human virtues, and isolation a prerequisite in the search and understanding of the ‘known unknown’. Man makes strides when he cuts off life and living from his species and melts into nature. Great wisdom and enlightenment after protracted periods of isolation have seen Minds evolve for the benefit of Mankind. Their being no absolutism in the Baul doctrine; other than in reasoning that every Man is capable of reaching the highest state of enlightenment if there is will, determination, patience and hard work to ‘touch’ the light that beckons each of us with no disparity at least on part of the Maker. The ‘beacon’ of the Maker is neither set nor focused at any one individual at any one time, but an aura that is equal in ‘measures’ and proportion to all of Mankind.

In a nutshell the Baul argues if Bhob were the lamp, the aura of light it radiates is Bhab, the trick is in not in willfully complicating either of the two, for both are again conditional and complimentary. Bhab is not to be confused with the Halo; indeed it is quite the antithesis of such ‘adornments’.

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