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Friday, April 06, 2007

9. The 'weight' of the Soul – In disbelieving the seeing?

Til poriman jagay shey jay / Choddho roop tahari madjhay
Size no bigger then a grain, its disguised face at the epicenter

Kaanai shunay andhai dekhay / Nyangrar nachna
The deaf hear and the blind see the dance of the lame

As explained in the previous couplet, we do know what pearls mean to all of us: a semi precious natural adornment. The Baul quest is for 'sizes' of various things and he does not use this metaphorically for any reason of ‘value’, but to relate grain for grain the sand that caused its formation. It is not the sheer beauty or the 'worth' of the pearl that awes the Baul, but its weight. He compares this to the size of the Soul and concludes it is no bigger than the size of a 'til', a grain of pulse - perhaps smaller than this [.] full stop.

Being less that the lowest scale of measure known to Man, the Baul implies the weight and size of the Soul is quite the reverse of 'infinity' as we understand it, and till such time we have 'conclusive', verifiable, scientific proof to this basic question, as opposed to the various organs in our body, it only makes sense that we let the wisdom of the Baul prevail. The 'disguised face (is) at the epicenter' is an apt reminder, that even if Man is able to reach at the center of his own Energy reservoir, it might well be a limited 'discovery'.

He points out that ‘perfect man’ with all his five sensory organs intact and a 'sixth' unexplainable and intangible 'sixth sense' ought to study and figure out how the deaf ‘hear’ without their ears, the blind ‘see’ without their eyes and importantly the lame can dance, and yet all three disadvantaged of human species can communicate, even as we seek their social ostracization, blaming the Maker for a 'defect' in their births. Paradoxically it also seeks to lead us on to what most would not accept; the existing and highly advanced sixth sense of the disadvantaged, which try as hard, ‘perfect man’ may never be able to acquire.

Man sins again, a SIN most repulsive and revolting for the Baul, for he wishes to know, how many among us can actively seek friendship of the deaf, dumb, blind or the lame? Isn't our ‘love’ for them a demonstration of our conditional pity, which only seeks to degrade the Soul in them? Yet, how these very brave spirits survive their times on Mother Earth without our 'support' or patronization - if only and purely by a full understanding, exploitation and use of the 'sixth sense', that we have decided to rubbish as non-existent and 'pure figments of the imagination' is where Man fails, but not the Baul. Our disregard for the disadvantaged is disregard and disrespect for our Maker is the analysis of the Baul. This leads us to be cursed by blindness even though we have the faculties of our vision intact, dangerously mis-communicate even when our gift of speech survives, and while our feet take us more miles than the lame, we are unable to ever arrive at a destination more beautiful than where the Makers 'Heaven' is only comparable with the mythical Shangri La of the movies?

The Universal Quest of the Baul is no myth, for Heaven and Hell are conditional to a 'journey' that we will never hazard if we can avoid it. Despite the 'paradise' Heaven offers, or the Brimstones that await us in Hell, we are so inherently fearful of the unknown, that much as we would savor Heaven, none of us would quite consider a journey to Hell, even to check out if there is so much as the TRUTH. In all that we have been conditioned to believe in our lifetimes, in his rejection the Baul will however take this journey, as to him it is the natural thing, for Heaven and Hell if they at all exist, cannot be something alien to Nature - even as Man through his irresponsibility has possibly become one.

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