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Friday, April 06, 2007

4. The Soul: Complicated Simplicity versus Simplicity Complicated

For the Baul a human body is a vessel: a potent vehicle for the omnipotent Soul. The Soul again is energy, in description no different from what science offers i.e. it can neither be created nor destroyed. The Maker apparently fashioned the Soul after many a trial and error, for he wanted to create a ‘superior life’ form that could replicate his goodness and creativity on the one hand, and bestow powers of Mercy and Benevolence on the other, a mission not ‘foretold’ in other life forms ahead of Man. It had thus to be Man to sing the Glory of the unseen Maker, and the Baul among others was born.

The Baul’s attest the process of creating the ‘ultimate creation’, saw the Maker inflicting rigors of ‘fire and black smoke’ on the Soul for ‘forty thousand years’. This did not result in the desired allegiance or gratefulness of the Soul to its Maker. Another spell of ‘ten thousand years’ followed, the difference this time around: the Soul were kept hungry, and the denial of food apparently resulted in its unequivocal surrender to the Maker, and the recognition of His infallibility.

Metaphorically juxtaposed, ‘thousands of years’ that it took for the ‘Soul’ to be roasted in fire and smoke could well be ‘billions’ of man years, that science approximates is the time the Earth underwent to cool down, and it is quite likely that fires smothered by rain and mists created ‘black smoke’. Long before the ‘Gregorian’ calendar or numerology came to the earliest man, ‘thousands’ could well have been infinity, much as we stretch out calculative imagination to nanometers today.

The Baul yearns to seek rationale in abysmally simple arguments by referring to nature, about nature, through his intense probe. Man in his ignorance has made the entire gamut of first life and existence an unnecessarily complicated exercise. Because we do not readily refer to answers available in nature to our questions, our complications stem from a singular obsession of equating human nature or 'Man's nature' as a separate entity outside of the natural process. Our alienation from nature, our Maker and the 'self' begins at this precise point.

More often than not, we end up creating ‘superhuman’ among men, fired with an ego higher than the seven skies, and it is only when we come crashing down that our frailties and limitations commensurate in such mindless quests of the ‘Self’, which we have horribly mixed-up as being that of our Soul, results in portent attempts to belittle the Maker, to deny his existence.

The denial of the Maker comes with the denial of the ‘self’’, almost like looking at a Mirror, and trying to figure out our deflected reflection, a necessary aberration that we consider ‘real’. We ‘live’ because we seem to have proof of the same, yet we have decided to take ‘life’ as nothing beyond what our physical eye manifest, in what our senses determine. We nonetheless superstitiously invoke ‘life’ into invisible beings that our hallucinations conjure, things that go ‘bump in the night’. Our proof of our being is only in our ability at seeing, yet there are thing unseen that our eyes and general sensory organs seem unable to register. Things which appear under the gaze of powerful microscopes in research laboratories, things like ‘mysterious particles’, which remain the exclusive domain of specialists and scientists, but what about us – is a question that is deliberately removed from the ‘self’ selflessly. Do we by mistake if ever, use the faculty of our ‘third eye’, the eye of our nascent consciousness to reach conclusive judgement, without being ridiculed as superstitious?

Where does the WE in all of us fit in, when the ‘I’ as such, is no more? What is the motivation that drives us around a bend in an alley, when we more often do not know where it leads? What made desert or sea voyagers in our glorious past, seek and find fortunes in the unknown, at distances unthinkable? Is it instincts that leads us on, or is it what we call rationales that decide events in our lives when so-called ‘empirical evidence’ meanders and fall flat? If so, what then is ‘irrationality’ other than conditionally suicidal attempts to condemn our yearnings for the Truth, by abusing what is certainly alien in Man’s nature, his PRIDE, which again is only an extension of our deeply held prejudices?

The Baul believes that it is only in ignorance we have decided to step beyond what we know, to go as far as to pilfer and adorn ourselves the apparel of PRIDE, unbeknownst that it is the prerogative of the Maker, not Man.

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