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Friday, April 06, 2007

15. The Myth behind the ‘Straight’ Path

Jyamon Pakhi Koray Daaley Basha / Baduray to daalaye jhulay
Like Birds build nests’ in branches / Bats hang on branches

Shei Roop Moner Nirik Thik Na hoilaye / Dal bhangiya Porbi sheshay
if the aim of your Spirit wavers / The branches will break and YOU will fall with it too

The concluding couplet in the composition draws the analogy of birds and bats. While both are ‘creatures of the Wind’, the use of branches in trees by both species is however dissimilar. While birds build their nest on branches assured of its strength to carry its own weight and that of its roosting infants, the Bat on the other hand uses it solely for the purpose of hanging. Objectively what is referred here is whatever may be the ‘reason’ for ones action it does not imply necessary agreement in use and applications of another way of life, although the implemented conclusions may just be the same. It is like case of a Knife: whereas a robber may kill somebody by its misuse, a medical surgeon may use the same to save a life. The fault lies not in the knife, but in its use or abuse by Man. Metaphorically the branch therefore is not a monophonic entity, rather it’s varied used by both Birds and Bats is symbolic of the direction that leads on to the so-called ‘straight path’ that seems to be an ideology among many branches of monotheism. The confusion of the ‘straight path’ comes when we imply it being a ‘straight line’ i.e. we fail to realise that what may be LEFT for one, may well be RIGHT for the other and probably explains why we discovered ‘dividers’ to regulate vehicular traffic?

The Baul does not reject the ‘straight path’ per se, it his interpretation that sets him apart, for they are based on scientific premises not emotions or unreasonable reasoning. A ‘path’ if at all he argues, can only be arrived at, if all ends of the spectrum, the entire canopy that we live under is understood. In other words, ‘blind’ submission to ‘faith’ without using the faculties of reasons may lead one astray. The straight path is assigned in the center, and as much as the creator has blessed us with two of most sensory organs, all are fashioned and designed to work in complimentary conditions. Let us put you through a Baul tests. Please read the next lines in this essay with either of your eyes closed and see where they are focused?

Our focus and direction in reading this essay, in other words the center and the STRAIGHT path can only be arrived with both our eyes wide open. Similarly to be able reach the Spirit of the Maker and be blessed in his enlightenment one has to exercise both sides in the faculty of the cerebral organ we call the brain, leading to the third eye of our conscience to OPEN to be of any practical use to us. The Straight path lies in allowing our sense of judgement to be weighed by all options and not allow prejudices or absolutism of any kind to cloud our thinking process.

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