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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Facebook Discussion : Was Fakir Lalon Shah an Agnostic - Part 5

Habibur Rahman on 2nd February: The Seeker in his/her ultimate realization of the self finds that the nature of the journey is eternal, the ultimate objective of the journey to carry the divine spark to its source is ever unattainable, but that objective is the motive force which makes the journey possible. On the other hand, the more s/he advances in the journey the more divine spark within her/himself becomes individualized, for that reason it is no longer possible for the self to dissolve into the Divine Self. But the Seeker now has the capacity to reflect the Divine image in his/her own self. When a lover looks into the eyes of the other what does s/he see, nothing but his/her own beauty, in the same way, when the Divine Love becomes perfect, the Seeker reflects the Divine Self.

In Islamic Tradition, such persons are called Insan-e-Kamil, or Perfect-Human being, in Lalon's terminology, s/he is shahoj manus/সহজ মানুষ/মনের মানুষ/. This Perfect Human being is a potentiality in every human being, and human being's ultimate mission of life is to be the perfect human being. According to Qur'an, Allah creates Human Being as His vicegerent, or representative, this idea of representativeness is not something given but something to achieve, what is given is the Divine Spark, the proper utilization of that energy gives the human being the opportunity of being the Perfect Human Being, that does not mean Heaven is empty. Lalon also says that : মহাজনের ধন এনে বিলুলি সে ধন উলু বনে।

Anyway, to understand Lalon's message we have to recourse, at first, to linguistics analysis, because in the 18th century, when Lalon was trying to express his highly mystical message, bangla language was not so developed, and he has to borrow highly from the indigenous languages, and every word he borrowed, the word itself carrying some prevailing ideas, but Lalon tries to give them his own meaning.

Such a word is Obotar, in Hindu mythology, it means God Himself comes to the earthly world, as a human being, to live as a human, to know what is human life and to direct them. But, Lalon's meaning was, in the final stage of the spiritual journey (কলি যুগে মানুষ হইল অবতার), man becomes the perfect reflection of the divine self. The mirror and the reflection in the mirror is not the same. So, the perfect human being, though the ultimate goal of the Seeker, but he never becomes God, but he ended in being the Perfect Human Being, and that is the nature of Lalon's humanism, and the message to the Humanity, to become the true representative of God, not God Himself.

Lalon claim himself that he knows the divine mystery (দিব্য জ্ঞানী হয় তবে জানতে পায়), by this very sentence it can be prove that Lalon was not an agnostic but Gnostic and Lalon's famous song আমি অপার হয়ে বসে আছি ওহে দয়াময়, পারে লয়ে যাও আমায়.... proves that Lalon's humanism does not mean that the Heaven is empty and there is nothing above human being.

Thank you all for your patience reading, now it is your turn Mac Haque, Tarifa Najmina and all others who wants say something.

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