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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Facebook Discussion : Was Fakir Lalon Shah an Agnostic - Part 4

Habibur Rahman on 2nd February : Thank you all for your patience. Our seeker's today's journey/odyssey is now on its third stage. In Islamic Sufi Tradition this stage termed as Tariqat means the Path, and the achievement in this stage is the Theosophy, the Greek word theo means God, Sophia means wisdom, that is, Wisdom of God. We see, the seeker started his/her journey as a philosopher, died at the juncture of the two-world, re-born as a theologian and now at his/her third stage transforming into a theosophian. Note that, theosophian is not re-born but transforming. Transformation/transfiguration or metamorphosis is the primary characteristic of this stage. As a philosopher his/her primary task was knowing, as a theologian, it was doing or not-doing but as a theosohian, the primary task is becoming. And it starts with a violent turmoil.

In the Qur'an, we find a vivid description of the Dooms Day, that day all the material world will be shattered into pieces. In this stage, for the seeker the Dooms Day is not something that will happen in an uncertain future but it is something already happened in his/her psychic world. After the experiences of the Dooms Day, to him/her, the world transformed into a symbolic world. Everything starts to convey to him/her some hidden message from the Unknown World. At the theologian stage, the seeker's mind was full of fear of God, but at the present stage, his/her mind is full of love of God. In this stage, S/he encounters God/Allah in His various attributes. But among all the attributes of Allah, Love is the most contradictory attribute. Remember, God is the source of all Contradiction.

When a Human being feels Love for God, the affairs become most dangerous and destructive. We see in the world, there is attraction between similarities, and there is also attraction between dissimilarities. If there is a love affairs between dissimilarities, the affairs become not only most uncertain, adventurous and creative but also dangerous. In the same way, God is the most dissimilar, the Ultimate Other. Thats why the path for the seeker becomes most dangerous and destructive. The burning ray of the Divine Love destroys everything in the seeker which is unworthy of the Divine Love, it is like a crucible in which gold is burned to separate it from the alloy. If the Seeker can stand all the trial, turmoil, test in the path of the Divine Love then S/he becomes Lover of God, fully converse with all the attributes of Him, comes to the fourth stage, in Islamic Tradition, Haqiqat meaning the Truth. S/he now knows the reality of the reality. The task of his/her life is fulfilled. S/he now knows the purpose of his/her life. And soon S/he comes to the Last stage, in Islamic Tradition, Marifat or Gnosis, or Theophany or revelation of God.

The forgone discussion was the description of the Seeker's path. But what ultimately s/he finds? Was s/he able to carry the divine spark back to its Source? Is his/her individuality ultimately dissolved into the Divine self? If human being is carrying within his/herself the Divine spark, does it mean the Heaven is empty? Is Human Being the Ultimate Being in the course of evolution, and there is nothing above Human Being?

The answer of these questions will be discussed next to determine Lalon's message for the Humanity.

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