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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Abirbhaab/Tirodhan - esoteric words in Bauliana and their meanings

by Mac Haque

Abirbhaab/Tirodhan : the closest English translation we can come up with is 'evolution' and 'transition' - and are used essentially to replace the notion of 'birth' and 'death'. Since there is no verifiable evidence that birth is at all the 'beginning' of anything or death the 'end' of something - the terms are used to emphasize the basis of our being. Abirbhaab is therefore not an accident nor is Tirodhan an aberration. It is the continuity of the cycle of mother nature we call 'life' and we just by some freak accident happen to be a part of it. 

As natural creatures we evolved in the course of natures time and will make our transition again at a time NOT set by us, but as mother nature decides. That in itself is what we call 'nature's nature'. In our 'coming and going' the purpose of our life is of paramount concern to us as nothing else sets us apart from other natural creatures. In this pompous business of the 'Ashraful Maklukat' it is our duty to connect to the 'invisible being' within us - else life is a disjointed journey we may have embarked upon with neither our origin or destination known, or of any consequence to us. 

If there is at all a 'Pul Sirat', the 'bridge to take us across' - we usually meditate upon 'either banks' of the vast unknown/uncharted river/ocean of expanse, when we may not have even started the journey or ended it - without our even knowing. In all probability we may neither be 'here nor there' - and like 'truth' as a belief is something which is usually somewhere 'in-between' - we may be walking on the bridge right now!

Bauliana quite plainly is an 'in-between' existence. In between 'evolution/transition' we do not necessarily transform - but transmute. Our transformation comes about through verifiable evidence, in our hairs receding and graying, our faces and bodies aging, in our expanding or contracting mid sections - indeed in anything we call 'aging gracefully'. 

These are transformations - but transmutation comes from what our inner receptor, the unending containers and vessels we store within our physical beings and how they handle those transformations is how transmutations within us happen - and we evolve from beings to 'Insaan e Kamel' to 'Wali Allah'. There are again no verifiable yardsticks by which we can measure those 'achievements' within us. 

Like Gil Scott Heron said 'life inevitably translates into time, that's why we call it a lifetime' . A lifetime again is just not enough to know who we are - unless we are proven wrong?

Joy Guru Alek Shai _/\_ 

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