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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ink Mark launches 2 books, 2 music videos

Ink Mark, a publishing house, on Monday launched two books and two music videos at the Russian Cultural Centre in the city.

The books are Bauliana, a collection of essays in English on Baul music by musician Maqsoodul Haque, and Sadhoker Rangathala, a collection of Bangla poems by Shams Monower.

The New Age editor, Nurul Kabir, uncovered the books and the music videos, titled Topoddhoni and Best of Ink Mark.

‘Maqsoodul and Shams are two talents in their respective fields. Their works attract me and I take pleasure in presenting the two creative talents before the people,’ Nurul Kabir told the function, adding, ‘I have found expressions of honest feelings and thinking in the poems of Shams. His choice of words and the command over Bengali have convinced me that he really has a devotion to his vocation as a poet.’

The books are priced at Tk 100 each and the videos at Tk 50.

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